A.C.H.I.M. the abysspoints lootsharer for Aion

This tool can be used for a fair and fast distribution of abysspoints.
ITEMLesser Ancient Icon3000++ITEMAncient Icon6000++
ITEMGreater Ancient Icon9000++ITEMMajor Ancient Icon12000++
ITEMLesser Ancient Seal6000++ITEMAncient Seal12000++
ITEMGreater Ancient Seal18000++ITEMMajor Ancient Seal24000++
ITEMLesser Ancient Goblet12000++ITEMAncient Goblet24000++
ITEMGreater Ancient Goblet36000++ITEMMajor Ancient Goblet48000++
ITEMLesser Ancient Crown24000++ITEMAncient Crown48000++
ITEMGreater Ancient Crown72000++ITEMMajor Ancient Crown96000++

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